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Instagram notes ideas आपने शायद देखा होगा कि आपके इंस्टाग्राम Inbox के Top पर एक नया feature add हुआ है। 13 दिसंबर को, Instagram social media ने “Notes” लॉन्च किया, यह आपको खुद को Express करने और अपने दोस्तों के बारे में अपडेट रहने का एक नया तरीका है। यह Text में कुछ भी share करने की सुविधा है। जहां आप 60 अक्षरों या उससे कम में अपना current mood, Status या किसी भी अन्य ideas को share कर सकते हैं। यदि आपने नोट्स का उपयोग करना शुरू कर दिया है और आप अपना खुद का नोट पोस्ट कैसे करें या इसे बंद कैसे करें, तो यह पोस्ट आगे पढ़ें, यहां सभी जानकारी दी गई है। इस post में आपको इंस्टाग्राम के लिए Notes feature के बारे में सब कुछ जानने के लिए सभी जानकारी प्रदान की जाएगी, जैसे कि इस Feature तक पहुंचने का तरीका और Instagram पर Notes कैसे लगाएँ।

इंस्टाग्राम नोट्स क्या हैं? what is Instagram notes

Instagram Notes छोटे संदेश या पोस्ट हैं जो आपके दोस्तों और फॉलोअर्स के Inbox के Top पर दिखाई देते हैं। आप अपने नोट्स को उन लोगों के साथ Share कर सकते हैं जो आपको फॉलो करते हैं या आपकी close friends list में होते हैं। नोट्स अपने profile pictures या icon के ऊपर एक बुलबुले की तरह दिखाई देते हैं। आप अपने खुद के नोट्स को देख सकते हैं और साथ ही अपने दोस्तों या followers द्वारा पोस्ट किए गए नोट्स को भी देख सकते हैं। ये नोट्स में कोई Text और/या Emoji 🥰 हो सकते हैं और इनकी अधिकतम Words limit 60 या उससे कम होती है। आप अपने पसंद के अनुसार अपने नोट्स को customised करने की सुविधा रखते हैं। उदाहरण के लिए, “इस बार की छुट्टियों में गोवा जा रहा हम मज़े करने 🌴”  या “क्या कोई बताएगा की मेरे साथ कौन कौन चल रहा है”

Instagram पर Notes कैसे लगाएँ।

Instagram पर Notes लगाने के लिए आप अपने Instagram को open कीजिए और Inbox पर जाइए उसके बाद आपकी profile picture पर + का option मिलेगा वहाँ जा कर आप अपना Note share कर सकते है।

Cool and Funny Instagram Notes Ideas🤣

– Keep your faith strong.

– Choose extra fries instead of hitting the gym.

– To find happiness, let go and stop worrying.

-Coffee won’t solve all your problems.

– You’re always on my mind.

– Shine brightly like a diamond.

– When will Friday finally arrive?

– Be the reason behind your own smile.

– I prefer to keep my notes confidential.

– The key to happiness is always found at a bar.

– Share a hilarious joke here.

– Lost in deep thoughts.

– Don’t just survive, thrive.

– How can I be of assistance to you?

– “Let it go.”

– Let me entertain and amuse you.

– Walk with your head held high, filled with pride.

– *Rolls eyes*

– Wine time begins at nine o’clock.

– I don’t make mistakes, I create memories.

– Always on the move.

Happy Instagram Notes Ideas🤗

– Refrain from excessively analyzing others’ Instagram notes.

– Never let anyone diminish your confidence.

– Friday is the second most beloved F-word in my dictionary.

– Spread love like confetti.

– Be friendly, but avoid going overboard.

– Embrace a mindset of openness and a willingness to forge connections with others.

– Today is an opportunity to capture selfies and enjoy yourself.

– Witnessing others’ success brings immense joy.

Smart Instagram Notes Ideas

-Taking action and making mistakes is preferable to regretting inaction.

– Recess held a special place in my heart during school.

-Rule-breakers are frequently the catalysts for change.

– Seize every day and make the most of it.

– Embrace your distinctive qualities, as they are your greatest asset.

– Grow and evolve through the trials you face

– Embrace your distinctive qualities, as they are your greatest asset.

– Grow and evolve through the trials you face.

– Minimize your regrets by increasing your smiles.

– Strive to become the finest rendition of yourself.

– Life can be simple, but not always effortless.

Motivational and Inspirational Instagram Notes Ideas

– Don’t postpone, take action and make it happen in the present.

– Maintain a balance between hard work and enjoyment.

– Dedicate time to cherish the small moments.

– Persist in moving forward and growing.

– Embrace your individual qualities and avoid striving to conform.

– I opt to disregard the realities of life.

– Establish your daily goals with intention.

– Embrace failure as a stepping stone to success.

– Let passion be the driving force behind your actions, and success will follow organically.

– Healing accompanies the passage of time.

Attitude Instagram Notes Ideas

  • – I may not be everyone’s cup of tea.
  • – I focus on myself, you focus on yourself.
  • – No time for fake people.
  • – Life is too short for nonsense.
  • – Unapologetic for being myself.
  • – Haters will hate, but I will slay.
  • – Confidence is crucial.
  • – I may not be for everyone, but I am true to myself.
  • – My purpose is success, not pleasing others.
  • – Stay classy, never trashy.
  • – Hustle and a genuine heart will make you stand out.
  • – Life is a game, play to win.
  • – I’m not perfect, but I have value.
  • – Drama is not my thing, I prioritize business.
  • – Work hard, slay harder.
  • The only thing that can stop me is myself.
  • – I’m not conceited, just self-assured.
  • – Don’t let anyone dim your shine.
  • – You be yourself, and I’ll be myself.
  • – I don’t follow, I lead.
  • – My energy attracts my tribe.
  • – I’m too busy tending to my own garden to notice if yours is greener.
  • – Keep it real or move on.
  • – I’m not perfect, but I have worth.
  • – I’m not a backup plan, I’m a priority.
  • – No need for filters or apologies.
  • – Keep it real or keep moving forward.
  • – Hustle hard, stay humble.
  • CCC Course kya hai
  • – Success is the best retaliation.
  • – I’m not a princess, I’m a queen.
  • – Good things come to those who work hard.
  • – My time is valuable, so don’t waste it.
  • – My future is bright, just like yours.
  • – Good things come to those who hustle.
  • – Nothing can stop me, I’m reaching for the top.
  • – Don’t wait for opportunities, create them.
  • – Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring.
  • – I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.
  • – Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • – If it’s not making you money, it’s not making sense.
  • – I’m a boss, not a follower.
  • – I’m not one in a million, I’m one of a kind.
  • – Success is my sole focus.
  • – Stay calm and keep hustling.
  • – I’m not arrogant, just confident.
  • – My attitude is my superpower.
  • – Attract, don’t chase.
  • – Make today so amazing that yesterday gets envious.
  • – Don’t let anyone dampen your sparkle.
  • – I’m not afraid of storms, I’m learning how to navigate them.

Instagram Notes Idea for Couples

– My heart beats for you, always.

– We are the epitome of #relationshipgoals.

– Love is a beautiful journey we embark on together.

– My heart skips a beat every time I see you.

– You are my everlasting Valentine.

– You complete the puzzle of my life.

– Together, we are unstoppable.

– You are my happily ever after.

– We are better together.

PGDCA couse kya hai

– You and I, forever intertwined.

– I am fortunate to have found my soulmate.

– Every day is a thrilling adventure with you.

– Each day with you is a cherished blessing.

– Life is sweeter with you by my side.

– You are my best friend and my better half.

– I fall in love with you anew each day.

– Our love story is my favorite tale.

– My greatest joy resides in you.

– You are my forever and always.

– Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

– Forever and a day, I am yours.

– Together, we are stronger.

– You are my eternal companion.

– I belong to you, now and forever.

– Two hearts beating in perfect harmony.

– Loving you comes effortlessly.

– You illuminate my world.

– I am incredibly lucky to call you mine.

– You inspire me to become a better person.

– I choose you, day after day.

– I am immensely grateful to have you in my life.

– My heart belongs to you entirely.

– My heart brims with joy in your presence.

– Loving you is effortless.

– You are my ultimate happily ever after.

– The best part of my day is you.

– Together, we can overcome anything.

– Our love story is my favorite narrative.

– Life without you is unimaginable.

– I adore sharing life’s journey with you.

– You are my life partner, in love and everything else.

– I love you to infinity and beyond.

– You are my eternal Valentine.

– Every moment spent with you is invaluable.

– Our love is an exhilarating adventure.

– I love being your partner in crime.

– I am deeply grateful for your presence in my life.

– You brighten every single day.

– Forever and always, my love.

Morning Instagram Notes Ideas

– Awaken and pursue your dreams.

– Embrace the new day, brimming with possibilities.

– Another day, another chance to shine.

– Rise and grind, it’s time to conquer!

– Let’s face the day together, overcoming all challenges.

– Early risers reap the rewards.

– Seize the day, carpe diem.

– It’s a beautiful day, make it remarkable.

– Start your day with a smile that brightens the world.

– Arise and radiate, for a new day has begun.

– Greetings, sunshine! Good morning.

– Today marks a fresh beginning.

– Let’s make this day extraordinary!

– Let’s crush our goals and make them a reality.

– Grateful for the gift of another day.

– Mornings set the tone for the day ahead.

– Time to hustle and turn dreams into accomplishments.

– Positive mindset leads to positive outcomes, even in the morning.

– Don’t wait for opportunities, create them yourself.

– Early mornings are prime time for productivity.

– The world is yours for the taking, seize it.

– Every morning brings a chance to start anew.

– Savor a cup of coffee and draw inspiration from the morning.

– Express gratitude for the little blessings in life.

– Morning coffee, fuel for motivation.

– The early bird catches the worm.

– Mornings are too precious to waste.

– Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.

– A good day begins with a positive attitude.

– Make today meaningful, as it’s a precious blessing.

– Set your intentions for the day and manifest them.

– Don’t just dream, take action.

– Early rising is a habit of successful individuals.

– It’s never too early to chase your dreams.

– Today’s mission: crush your goals.

– Take control of your day and make it your own.

– Each day presents an opportunity to make a difference.

– Mornings offer a fresh start, embrace them.

– Life is short, maximize your mornings.

– Thrive in the morning, don’t settle for mere survival.

– Commence your day with a heart full of gratitude.

– A successful day commences with an effective morning routine.

– Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction.

– A positive attitude wields immense power.

– Let’s make today our most exceptional yet.

– Mornings are blank canvases awaiting your artistic touch.

– Small actions in the morning yield significant results throughout the day.

– Good morning, world! Let’s conquer it together.

– Today is an opportunity, let’s not squander it.

Best Cool Unique Instagram Notes

-Not shady at all!

-Pay homage to nature.

-Playful banter with friends.

-The sun is shining brightly.

-Life can be challenging, so stay soft.

-Leave before falling in love with me.

-Current mood: a dog’s happiness.

-Morning gains with a cup of coffee.

-Fashion may fade, but style is timeless.

-The classic, raw, and rugged look.

-Establish your own limits.

-Allow me to divert your attention.

-Seize the day by the sea.

-Feel comfortable in your own skin.

-Never surrender or give up.

-Optimistic and positive.

-Lights. Camera. Instagram.

-Looked cool… might repeat later.

-April Fool’s! Eat your veggies.

-The stories are indeed true.-

-Music on, worries off.

-Enjoying the calm before the storm.

-And we have returned.

-Son of a Beach, embracing the waves.

-Bathed in sunlight, feeling at peace.

-Spread love everywhere.

-Go and claim what belongs to you.

-Sunday workout session.

-Everyday, everywhere.

-Embracing the natural beauty.

-No pain, no gain for stronger bones.

-Feeling optimistic and energetic.

-Call it eco-fashion if you prefer!

-Life is not always black and white.

-I would like to eat a burger.

-I will continue to live life on my own terms.

-Feeling happy after yoga.

-Do what brings you the most happiness.

-Combine classic and modern elements.

Best Instagram Notes for Girls

-A girl’s eyes speak their own language.

-True beauty is feeling comfortable in your own skin.

-Being true to yourself is the most beautiful thing.

-Her eyes held a galaxy, her mind a universe.

-She possesses a fiery soul and a graceful heart.

-Do you dislike me? I couldn’t care less!

-Stop searching for happiness where you lost it.

-Every one of us has a princess within.

-Simplicity holds great beauty.

-You are my entire world.-

-My favorite place is in your warm embrace.

-Embrace your unique beauty.

-Radiate sparkle every single day.

-Have faith in the power of pink.

-Don’t display your attitude if you can’t handle me.

-Smile, you are beautiful.

-Regardless of love or hate, I will shine brightly.

-Happiness cannot be bought with money, but makeup can!

-Lift your head high, princess, or your crown will fall.

-Even my boyfriend believes my eyelashes are real.

-I may be cool, but global warming made me hot.

-Just like flowers, every girl has her own season to blossom

Short Quotes For Instagram Notes

– Have faith in your abilities.

– Persevere, never give up.

– Adopt a worry-free mindset.

– Maintain a positive outlook.

– Take risks, embrace opportunities.

– Love is the ultimate force.

– Seize the night.

– Life is an ongoing voyage.

– Pursue your aspirations.

– Be the catalyst for change.

– You only live once.

– Patience yields rewarding outcomes.

– Life is too short to dwell on regrets.

– Chase your passions wholeheartedly.

– Radiate positivity and be the beacon.

– Opt for joy and contentment.

– Find pleasure in the ride.

– Spread kindness in all circumstances.

– Live, laugh, love as a mantra.

– Grasp the present moment.

– Balancing hard work and enjoyment.

– Just take a deep breath.

– Stay authentic to yourself.

– Keep progressing, never look back.

– Love conquers all obstacles.

– Life is fleeting.

– Trust your heart’s guidance.

– Embrace your true self.

– Stay motivated, remain adventurous.

– Choose happiness as your path.

– Transform dreams into reality.

– Embrace risks, step into the unknown.

– Live each day with utmost vibrancy.

– Love and appreciate yourself.

– Keep envisioning and pursuing your dreams.

– Let things unfold naturally.

– Embrace the journey of life.

– Embrace your uniqueness.

– Life is full of beauty.

– Embrace uncertainty, take the leap.

– Seize the day, make the most of it.

– Dare to dream big.

– Simplify and appreciate.

– Stay calm and carry on.

– Continue shining brightly.

– Never cease exploring.

– Foster a sense of curiosity.

– Choose happiness as a conscious decision.

– You have the strength to overcome.

Instagram Notes in हिंदी

– आज कल कुछ खास नहीं हैं, तू जो नहीं हैं पास आजकल।

– मजबूरीयाँ उसकी थीं, तन्हा मुझे कर दिया।

– तेरा होना एक संघर्ष था, तेरा देखना मेरी जीत हैं।

– बोझ बनने से अच्छा हैं, याद बनना।

– हज़ारों का होना नहीं किसी एक का रहना इश्क़ हैं।

– आए खुदा मिला तो ना सका, भूलवा तो दे।

– अब बोलने से ज्यादा खामोशी अच्छी लगती है।

– मेरे बाद जानेमन, अब किसकी नींद उड़ा रखी है।

– थक गया खुद को साबित करते करते।

– एक शाम और ढल गई, एक दिन और जी लिया।

– लौट आती हैं तारीखें मगर, वो दिन लौटकर नहीं आते।

– यहाँ इश्क़ हैं, शब्दों की ज़रूरत नहीं।

– मौत तुम्हारी मंज़िल हैं, सफ़र का मज़ा लो।

– बहुत जल्दी थक गए हो तुम, इश्क़ के सफ़र में।

– जो हम पर विश्वास रखते हैं, हम सिर्फ़ उन्हीं के ख़ास हैं।

– तुमसे जुड़ी हर राह को मोड़ दूंगा।

– जो होना हैं, वह होकर रहेगा, बेवजह घबराओ मत।

– तुम दीया, मैं तेल प्रिये, इस दिवाली होगा अपना मेल प्रिये।

– मैं रोता रहा उसके सामने, वह हंसती रही मेरी आह पर।

– छीनकर वक्तvमेरा, मुझे ही गुनाहगार मानते हो।

– समय और लोग बदलते रहते हैं, किसी के नहीं रहते।

– शायद तुम मेरी दिल की मंगलकामना हो।

– कैसे थे और कैसे हो गए हो तुम।

– तुम्हें ढूंढते ढूंढते खुद ही खो गए हो हम।

– मैंने बहुत ढूंढ़ा तुम्हें, तुम कहीं नहीं हो।

– आगे बढ़ने वाला अपनी क्षमताओं को देखता हैं, और प्रदर्शन करने वाला उन्नति करता हैं।

– दिल में प्रेम जगा कर छोड़ देना भी एक पाप हैं।

– इंतज़ार हैं अपने वक्त का, हर एक ज़ख़्म का हिसाब होगा।

– सब्र करने पर अक्सर बेहतर इश्क़ नसीब होता हैं।

– सिर्फ़ तू चाहिए मुझे, बस इतना ही कहना है।

-क्लास में नोट्स नहीं लिखने वाले इंस्टाग्राम पे नोट्स लिख रहे हैं 😛

-धन्यवाद भैया! ज्ञान देने के लिए! 👐

-सब संदीप माहेश्वरी बनने बैठे हैं 😑

-नोट गिनने की उम्र में, इंस्टाग्राम पर नोट्स लिख रहा हूँ।

-ये लो, पानी पीलो, थक गए होगे नोट्स पढ़ते पढ़ते

-इंस्टाग्राम नोट्स की फीचर्स: बंदिया ही बंदिया होगी 😀

-सब मोह माया हैं।

-भाई स्कूल जैसा थॉट्स ऑफ़ द डे लिख रहे लोग इंस्टाग्राम पे 😆

-नीड नोट-बंदी ऑन इंस्टाग्राम एसएपी!!

इंस्टाग्राम अकाउंट कैसे डिलीट करे।

-सब कुछ ठीक था फिर एक दिन इंस्टाग्राम ने नोट्स लॉन्च कर दिया।

-इज़्ज़त किया करो, बेइज़्ज़ती तो हमारे घर वाले ही बहुत करते हैं।

-इश्क़ में सब बेवजह होता हैं।

-मर्द में बहुत दर्द पैदा कर देती हैं तुम्हारी स्माइल।

-सूरज इतनी जल्दी निकल आया या ये तेरी बत्तीसी की रौशनी हैं?

-2 मिनट साइलेंस फॉर थोसे पीपल जो सोचते हैं

-तुम पहले भी इतनी खूबसूरत थी…या वक़्त ने किया कोई हसीं सितम?

-मैं जानता हूँ मैं कौन हूँ।

इंस्टाग्राम नोट्स

-डियर मार्क ज़करबर्ग, इंस्टाग्राम नोट्स नहीं रुपये नोट्स चाहिए।

-मोदीजी बस आके अब इंस्टाग्राम नोट्स डेमोनेटाइज़ कर दो!

-अब तो मेरी रूह का परिंदा भी फड़फड़ा रहा भाई।

-सोचो, सोचो…और सोचने के लिए मैं तुम्हें अपनी सारी ज़िंदगी देता हूँ।

-इस हनी के लिए तो मैं मून तक जाने के लिए तैयार हूँ।

Instagram Note Ideas with emojis

🌞 Soaking up the sun and enjoying life!

🍔 Indulging in a cheat day treat!

🎂 Let’s throw a celebration for yours truly!

🍕 Pizza is the ultimate answer!

🏋️‍♀️ Working out and gaining strength every day!

💩 Living in interesting times!

🌮 Taco lover for life!

🏖️ Beach vibes, please!

🐶 Proud dog parent!

🎥 Movie marathon night!

🎶 Jamming to music all day long!

📚 Proud bookworm here!

😴 Catching some much-needed ZZZs…

💻 Balancing work and play!

🎉 Time to get the party started!

👯‍♀️ Setting squad goals!

‍🚶 Ready for exciting adventures ahead!

👻 Embrace the spooky season!

Techcalculation एक हिंदी ब्लॉग है इस ब्लॉग पर आपको टेक्नॉलजी, कम्प्यूटर, Internet और एजुकेशन से सम्बंधित जानकारी हिंदी में मिलती है

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